Skin Tag Removal

£175 Consultation  I  £50 per skin tag

Skin Tags are common and often develop where there is skin friction such as at body creases or under a collar, bra strap or belt. Skin Tags around the neck can be especially irritating as they can rub on clothes and become inflamed. They can be easily removed by Skin Surgery. First the Skin Tag is injected with a local anaesthetic to numb the area. The Skin Tag is then sliced off flush to the skin, and cautery used to stop any bleeding points.


The treatment is very effective, but Skin Tags can recur if the skin friction continues. The cost to remove a Skin Tag is £50 per Skin tag (no histology). A consultation is necessary prior to any surgery and costs £175. This means that the cost to remove one Skin Tag is £225, adding on £50 for each additional Skin Tag removed. 

Lichfield Face Clinic

Dr Anne Ward

Consultant Dermatologist

Borrowcop Lane

Lichfield WS14 9DG