Scalp Cyst Removal

£175 Consultation  I  £300 per scalp cyst 

Scalp Cysts are common, and can become large and visible. At Lichfield Face Clinic, Scalp Cysts are removed by first injecting the area with a local anaesthetic to numb the Cyst. A small opening is made and the Cyst is removed through the opening, which is then closed with stitches. No hair needs to be cut prior to the procedure. The stitches are removed 10 - 14 days later.


Lichfield Face Clinic only offers removal of small Cysts from the scalp, which measure 15mm or less in size. We don't offer removal of Cysts on the face, as these often need more complex surgery. 


There is a consultation fee of £175, which includes examination of the Cyst, and is necessary before surgery. Scalp Cyst Removal costs £300 for one Cyst, including histology. Each additional Cyst removal costs £200. This means that the total cost of removing one Scalp Cyst is £475, including histology. Removal of two Scalp Cysts will cost £675.

Lichfield Face Clinic

Dr Anne Ward

Consultant Dermatologist

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