Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating

30 minutes  I  £450

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common condition affecting 1-2% of the population. There are two types of Hyperhidrosis. Primary Hyperhidrosis typically starts in childhood or early teens and no cause is found for it. Secondary Hyperhidrosis usually begins later in life and is due to an underlying health condition such as diabetes, thyroid disease, menopause, anxiety, gout, rheumatoid arthritis and some medications. Identifying and treating the underlying cause in Secondary Hyperhidrosis often improves the sweating.

Treatments for Hyperhidrosis will depend on whether the sweating is localised to a few areas - such as underarms, face, palms, soles - or whether it is more generalised, affecting most of the body.

Treatments for excessive sweating include:

  • Aluminum-containing deodorants 

  • Anti-cholinergic medications (available as tablets in the UK, and as a skin wipe in the USA) 

  • Iontophoresis (a low intensity electrical current treatment) 

  • Anti-anxiety medications to manage stress that may cause sweating 

  • Botox injections for underarm and face / scalp sweating

  • MiraDry treatments

  • Surgery to remove the sweat glands under the arms, or a thoracic sympathectomy (cutting the main nerve to the underarm sweat glands)

There are two options when attending the Clinic. Some people simply want to arrange a Consultation (£175). A Consultation will help decide if you have Primary or Secondary Hyperhidrosis. It will also give you the opportunity to discuss in more detail the available treatments for Hyperhidrosis, to decide which is the best option for each individual person. Other people may have already tried most of the available treatment options and simply wish to arrange Botox Injections to reduce sweating of either the underarms, face and scalp. 

What to expect - Botox Injections for Hyperhidrosis

procedure time

30 minutes

how long before the effects are seen

1 - 2 weeks for the full effects to become noticeable

duration of the results

6 - 12 months, depending on the individual

after care advice

Avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol for 3 hours

possible side effects

Small bruises may develop at the site of injections, itching, rarely - compensatory increased sweating of the palms

number of treatments

One treatment, which can be repeated in 6 - 12 months as necessary

anaesthetic required

Anaesthetic cream is available, but is not usually necessary, as the needles are very fine


Both armpits - £450  /   Forehead - £250  /  Scalp - £450


Pregnancy and breast feeding, certain diseases of the nerves and muscles and a few drugs. These will all be discussed at the first visit

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