Dermaroller / microneedling

45 minutes  I  From £225

The Dermaroller, or MicroNeedling, is a natural treatment that stimulates the skin to regenerate itself without the use of any chemicals or products. Multiple tiny channels are created in the skin using the Dermaroller applicator. This sets off a cascade of self-healing signals in the skin which in turn stimulates collagen production over several weeks.


The Dermaroller can be used to treat fine lines and helps to reduce pore size, resulting in a fresher, younger looking complexion. Treatments last about 45 minutes, with minimal downtime. For some people, one treatment is enough to boost the skin. For others, particularly if there is more sun damage, the best results for skin rejuvenation are achieved with 3 treatments repeated at 6 weekly intervals.


The Dermaroller can also be helpful for acne scarring, but more treatments are necessary. Most people need to repeat the Dermaroller treatment every 2 - 4 weeks for up to 3 months to achieve an improvement in the appearance of the acne scars. Best results for acne scarring often require a combination of treatments, including the Dermaroller, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo and Surgery.

What to expect - Dermaroller

procedure time

45 minutes

how long before the effects are seen

6 weeks for skin rejuvenation, multiple repeated treatments are necessary to improve acne scars

duration of the results

Skin rejuvenation benefits last about 6 months. Improvement in acne scarring may last 1 -2 years, but often requires a combination of treatments to achieve the desired outcomes

after care advice

Avoid applying make-up, excessive alcohol and strenuous alcohol for 24 hours, and restrict sun-exposure for several weeks to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation

possible side effects

Bruising, milia formation, redness & peeling

number of treatments

The best results for skin rejuvenation are seen after 3 treatments, repeated at 6 weekly intervals. Reduction of acne scars may require repeated treatments every 2 - 4 weeks for up to 3 months. Combination treatments are often needed for acne scarring e.g. Dermaroller, Profhilo, Dermal Fillers, Subcision   

anaesthetic required

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment


Prices start from £225 for a facial Dermaroller treatment


Inflamed or infected skin, active acne, multiple milia 

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